800W High power Jail Cellular Jammer Model:CPJ6022

Full Band Jammer

16 antennas desk model signal  jammer CPJX16,is our newest model, it could include almost all Commonly used frequencies, such as: 130-200MHz, 200-300MHz,300-400MHz,400-500MHz,700-800mhz,800-900mhz,900-980mhz,1050-1200MHz,1200-1390MHz,1500-1600mhz,

42W 16 Antennas signal  jammer up to 50m cpjx16

One of our the best desktop models with 16 antennas and range up to 50m that jamm all Low bands 130-500Mhz , all types of  Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, VHF, UHF, GPS and  remote control signals from various devices such as rc cars, rc boats, alarms, wireless sensors, amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc.

16 Bands type frequency :
 1.  130-200MHz 3W
 2.  200-300MHz 3W
 3.  300-400MHz 3W
 4.  400-500MHz 3W
 5.  700-800mhz 3W
 6.  800-900mhz 3W
 7.  900-980mhz 3W
 8.  1050-1200MHz 2W
 9.  1200-1390MHz 2W 
 10. 1500-1600mhz 3W
 11. 1700-1800MHz 3W
 12. 1800-2000Mhz 3W
 13.  2100-2199MHz 3W
 14.  2300-2400Mhz 2W 
 15.  2400-2500mhz 2W
 16.  2500-2700MHz 2W
 TOTAL : 41W

Each of 16 frequency module/band is separate and adjustable.

All 16 Frequency modules we can mix very flexible, Any combinations and customizations of frefenices are possible, so just send us your inquiry and we will give you our recommendation.

Jamming Range Radius 10~50 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas).
The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and location.
Working time: Without the time limit, may continue to work,
Antenna: 300mm long
Power supply: AC100-240V and 12V cable to Car Battery (300mm Long)
Dimension: 395 x 238 x 60mm, Weight 8kg

Package contents:
 1pc Desktop portable Jammer
 1pc AC Charger
 1pc Car Charger
 1pc Antenna 16 pcs